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Qigong is the Mandarin Chinese term used to describe various Chinese systems of physical and mental training for health, martial arts and self-enlightenment. Qigong or Chi kung (an equivalent term derived from Wade-Giles Romanization) is an English Romanization of two Chinese characters: Qì (?) and G?ng (?). The dictionary definition for the word “qi” usually involved the meaning of “breathing”, “air”, “gas” and “vapor” but it can also be used in the context of describing the relationship between matter, energy and spirit. The dictionary definition for the word “Gong” (?) is that of achievement or results. The two words are combined to describe systems and methods of “energy cultivation” and the manipulation of intrinsic energy within living organisms. There are many forms of qigong originating from different segments within Chinese society. The traditional Chinese Medical community uses qigong for preventive and curative functions. The Chinese martial arts community considered qigong training an important component in enhancing martial abilities. The religious community, including both Taoist and Buddhist traditions, uses qigong as part of their meditative practice. …

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very healthy for spirit and body….

How does Sexual Chi-Kong work?

Chi-Kong provides to idealize contact by authorizes erections and encouragement. Usually when a pair employ in association of sexual affair, the male generally arrive at orgasm much earlier as compared to a female. Females, on the other side, are inclined to become sexually provoked afterward than the male and obtain less feeling during sex. This dissimilarity grounds an ungraceful attempt, but Chi-Kong will permit duo to harmonize with each another.

Working Chi-Kong applies patience, but it can be an astonishing occurrence, particularly when sexual counterpart does together as their bio-energy gets replaced and create an astonishing love making atmosphere.

If a couple performs Sex Chi-Kong jointly, it will augment the bio-energy in their sex organs. Women Chi-Kong will give an extra motivating force on the penis for the males. The male would circulate this additional bio-power back to his brain and by the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel. This will raise the action potential in his parasympathetic sexual motor nerves to blow up his male organ to an extreme size. Then, the greater than before size will give more stress on his sexual nerves.

The essential necessities are that the male must be able to maintain a firm erection that peak between the 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock spot and the females must be adequately prepared for incursion. Both of these can be attained through natural procedures and other Practices. – How to practice Sexual Chi Kong?

Sexual Chi-Kong is extremely helpful to our fitness and permit males and females to practice sensitive sex feelings jointly. Using these traditional methods resulting from aoism philosophy, males can manage ejaculation and females can take pleasure in augmented sex arousal. Sex Chi-Kong and can speculate for a pair that perform it or a person who idealizes it.

It can be experienced alone or through sex and it is quite easy after a small session of performance. There are 4 necessary steps that are required in order to complete the Sex Chi-Kong:

* Relax and control your breathing
* Inhale through your nose deeply at intervals of 2-5 seconds
* Hold your breath and move your expanded abdomen downward
* Contract your anus by clenching

Repeat this process many times. But keep in mind that while using the anal clenching technique during sexual intercourse, your inhalations and contractions of the belly should correspond with your sexual thrust movements.

Though, this may seem difficult at first, with just a little follow up (alone or with a partner), you will be a perfect at Sex Chi-Kong and these steps will rapidly come as second nature. Just a small time and recurrence can harvest many years of augmented sexual pleasure for you and your spouse.
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